Meet our “Healthy Habits” providers…



Dr. Barbara Amsler, MD is an internal medicine specialist who has practiced in the area for over 25 years.  She has privileges at St. Joseph’s and Sherman Hospitals.  Because of her strong focus on preventative health interventions, Dr. Amsler is excited to be a part of Healthy Habits Key to Wellness, a unique practice that integrates general medicine with medically managed weight loss and carefully prescribed exercise programs.

Dr. Amsler has a strong patient focus and has enjoyed longstanding relationships locally with many patients as well as their families.

Dr. Karin Boode, holds a PhD  in food science.  Her focus is the medically managed weight loss program that has proven to be extremely effective for the many patients that have participated since the inception of the program in early 2012.  All sessions are one-on-one, which makes it possible to focus on lifestyle changes that are tailored to each individual.

The program teaches how to lose weight without going hungry, without counting points or calories, without giving up your favorite foods, without cutting out entire food groups and without being forced to buy special foods and/or supplements. This lifestyle modification program is covered by most insurances if the patient’s BMI is greater than 30 (obese).


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What our patients have to say:

“Dr Amsler has been my doctor for over twenty years. Her kindness and intelligence shine during your visit with her. She is knowledgeable and up-to-date on everything and willing to work with you for the best possible outcome for your problems. She is my husband’s “special angel” for the outstanding care she gave me during a serious illness and he feels I would not have survived without her help.”Sue Simonsen
Dr Boode made the Healthy Habits lifestyle fun and interesting. I am down 25 pounds, my BMI is in the normal range, my cholesterol is 140, my blood sugar is normal, and I’ve lost the desire for high sugar foods. Thank you so much!”Fran Russo
Meet our “Healthy Habits” providers…