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Why Choose Us

We started out by helping the patients in our own practice live a healthier lifestyle. Rather than sending them home with the advise to lose weight, we actively guided them to healthier habits.

Now, 10+ years later, we receive referrals from patients and physicians in our area, as they have seen with their own eyes the transformations in people they did not think were capable of changing their lifestyle.


Our Philosophy

Dr Boode is a firm believer that we can be much healthier and live with less medications and in less pain by following a healthier diet.

Over the past 10+ years she has proven that it is possible to get rid of some or all medications through changes in the diet.

We are in Algonquin:

Pat Z

Without Healthy Habits I would still be that fat lady...

Donna P

It is now 8 years since I was able to get rid of Insuline. I was taking 33 units 3 times a day. Thank you Dr. Boode

Edith R

I lost more weight than I thought possible and I the muscle cramps, I experienced for 30 years are finally a thing of the past, thanks to Dr Karin Boode.

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