The 2 things that are most important

when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off

By: Karin Boode, PhD

Hint: it is NOT diet and exercise

Hi, I am Dr Karin Boode. I have a PhD in Food Science and I am the co-founder of a medical weight loss practice

Physicians are telling patients every day that it would be better for their health if they would lose weight. But there is never time to help them do so

That is why I decided to develop a weight loss program that takes care of the underlying issues of weight gain, so that people, just like you, not only can lose the weight but are also able to keep it off

Check out the video below for a story of one of our patients that participated in our program. Her name is Pat and she has been very successful in losing weight and keeping it off

Finding the diet that is right for you

“The diets everybody is raving about may work for others, but they don’t work for me”

The average woman tries over 100 diets with the objective to lose weight and keep it off but never reaches that goal

Clearly, when 100 diets are not enough to accomplish your goal, the diet you choose can not be the most important factor in losing weight

Another way to look at the effectiveness of diets would be to imagine picking 10 random people off the street and asking them to describe a healthy diet. They will all be able to do so. And yet, 7 out of the 10 people have a weight issue

The above tells us again that it is not the diet we choose that is the most important factor in losing weight, but it is the difficulty in adhering to the diet that is the challenge

You can follow a diet for a few weeks and if you are particularly dedicated you may be able to succeed for a few months

However, following a diet for the rest of your life is a completely different matter. Therefore, you typically try many diets without ever finding the one that is right for you

No matter what diet you pick, sooner or later the cravings for your favorite foods will win the weight loss battle

The underlying problems

Take care of the underlying problems that prevent us from following the diet of our choice

To lose weight we need to be in control of the food we eat and the 2 things that stand in our way are food addiction and emotional eating

They are the reasons we experience cravings and are not able to stop eating when we know we should

Once you overcome food addiction and emotional eating, controlling what you eat and how much is no longer a matter of discipline. After all, there are no longer cravings to override your good intentions

You can do it too!

3 out of 4 people are able to lose weight permanently after dealing with the root causes of weight gain

The results I have gotten in my practice are living proof that the secret to long-term weight loss success lies in focusing on the underlying issues rather than praying that the next diet will be the one for you

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By focusing on healing food addiction and emotional eating 3 out of 4 people will find success. And the one person that has not been successful typically was not willing to put in the work to reach their goal. 

 Stop fighting the cravings until you give in!

Fed Up of Fighting Cravings, Knowing That You Will Not Win That Battle Anyway

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