Should You Exercise at Home or at a Fitness Center?

By John Voelz, Doctor of Physical Therapy


We make New Year’s resolutions…..we have the best of intentions…….. we research the best

exercise equipment………all in hopes of having a home gym that looks like this:


We lay down plans to exercise religiously…… 5 days a week like our doctors want us to.

It’s a great plan!! — get up each morning a little earlier, put on our workout clothes, turn on some music and really enjoy the next hour of healthy exercise right there at home:


 So we start by purchasing one or two pieces of equipment………use it for a week, and then it looks like this:


Now you’ve paid for the equipment, it’s taking up space in your home, and you’re not using it.

(or maybe somebody’s using it)


 So you decide to sell it……. and then the grandkids come over

and decide to throw a ball around the basement:


And you realize that now you can’t use it….. or even sell it.

Some people exercise at home and are successful at keeping up with a program. Others want to get out of the house, so they walk every day, and maybe they find a friend who is equally as dedicated to getting some regular activity. This is great!……and if you’re able to make this kind of routine a long-term habit, you’re definitely ahead of the curve.

But unfortunately, most of us find it difficult to keep this promise to ourselves even though we know that exercise is great for weight control, stamina, strength, balance, and overall health.


We have the solution!

Here are a few reasons to check out the Healthy Habits Medical Fitness Center


  1. We’ve purchased excellent equipment that we maintain, clean, and arrange efficiently. It’s not taking up space in your home.


  1. We set up an individualized program for you based on your medical history, current fitness level and goals.


  1. We make sure that your program progresses safely and in a productive way.


  1. We’re always thinking of new and creative ways to improve your balance!!


  1. You can come in, go through your program, get it done and go home…….or maybe run some errands while you’re out and about.


  1. You’ve made a commitment, so now you feel a little sense of……..accountability.


  1. You’re exercising in a fun environment and meeting new people who help encourage you.


  1. Plus, we love to see you make progress and enjoy your program!


karinShould You Exercise at Home or at a Fitness Center?

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  1. Sherry Hernandez

    Even though I don’t live close enough to use your exercise area I absolutely love your wellness program……….is leading towards a healthier me!!!!!!Thanks for all your help and support.

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