Healthy Habits Medically-Based Fitness & Balance Center

By John Voelz, MA, DPT

How many times has your doctor recommended that you get some exercise? The local health club is an option, but many seek out facilities that are convenient, safe, and offer assistance and monitoring. Healthy Habits Key to Wellness has added a medically-based fitness and balance center designed for those who seek to improve their health and operated by health care professionals. We will be offering specific exercise programs for each participant based upon their fitness level and health status. Since balance and mobility become challenging as we age, the fitness center also focuses on exercises designed to improve balance and stability.

I’m very happy to be part of the Healthy Habits team. Dr. Amsler, Dr. Boode and I have designed a multi-faceted operation that combines the medical, nutritional, and fitness components of a comprehensive wellness program. We hope that everyone takes advantage of each of our services, and our medically-based fitness and balance center is the newest addition.

My educational background includes a master’s degree in exercise science and a clinical doctorate in physical therapy. With my education and twelve years of clinical experience, I will be able to assess your fitness and mobility status, take into consideration your medical and surgical history, and review your medications. This will help me to design an individualized cardiovascular, strengthening, and balance program that safely meets your ability and effectively addresses your goals.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you begin an exercise and balance program, I will continually update and refine the program so that you are making consistent progress. Whether you wish to lose weight, increase your strength, endurance, and balance or you wish to improve a chronic health condition, each program is tailor made and progresses at a rate at which you are most comfortable…….but you will make progress!

Exercising here at the fitness center is fun, social, and safe, and the equipment is user friendly.

Dr’s Amsler and Boode are available for questions, and I will be supervising the center throughout the week. Please ask about the new fitness center, the hours it will be available, and your participation options. Now is a great time to plan a specific exercise program for the upcoming New Year!

Periodically, I will be contributing articles for the newsletter on various topics related to exercise, physical therapy, and chronic conditions. If you have any topics that you would like to hear more about, please let me know.

I look forward to working with you in the upcoming year!

karinHealthy Habits Medically-Based Fitness & Balance Center

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  1. Peggy Nesser

    This sounds like something that would be great for my mother who’s 83 and is having balance problems. Depending on the cost and location I would bring her out to check it out.
    Thank you.

    1. John

      Hi Peggy,

      If you’d like to bring your mom in, we could do a quick evaluation and show her around. The location of the fitness center is right in the middle of Healthy Habits on W. Algonquin Rd.

      The cost is $75 per month. This would be a 3 month commitment, so the total would be $225. The programs are tailored and supervised each day. With the 3 month program, the membership can be temporarily frozen in the event of a medical problem or vacation/travel.

      If you have any questions, please call or email.

  2. Dorothy Rohe


    I am so envious of all those who will be able to tap this program with you as I just moved away out-of-state last October. For years I would have loved to have had the possibility of a “personal trainer” and to receive personal advice from a well-qualified fitness coach on the appropriate exercises for me and my body handicaps. So many instructors just orient you on the machines and then leave you to work-out your routines on your own and supply your own determinations and encouragement. Your assistance and availablility to anyone who is part of the program IS a REAL and valuable benefit to anyone wanting TRUE fitness…..
    I wish I could be a part of this new aspect of Healthy Habits….

  3. Sue Robertson

    I really like this website. If I only lived closer.

    I like that you are upfront about costs. My husband works with a major international company, and through their health plan, directly from corporate, they are now “encouraging” employees and dependents to ask doctors and specialists the prices of treatment, upfront before receiving treatment.

    Thank you so much for putting the price right up front.

    Dr Amsler and her team have always been leaders in the medical field.

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